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"Eshet Chayil :: A Woman of Valor"
Eshet Chayil - A Woman of Valor 3D Art
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The hymn “Eshet Chayil - A Woman of Valor” is customarily recited before sitting down to the Shabbat evening meal.

There are many interpretations of this beautiful poem ranging from the idea that the biblical Abraham composed it as a eulogy for his wife Sarah, to the idea that it references the “Shabbat Queen” or “Shekhinah” (שכינה); the spiritual divine presence.

Every word of this hymn honors and shows appreciation for Jewish women for their gifts and daily efforts to guide and sustain their families. Thus, it is customary for this hymn to be recited on Shabbat as a weekly tribute.

This art piece reflects the richness and beauty of the poem and the words that pay homage to Jewish women. A celestial background and center reminds of our connection with our Creator.

The imagery in each of the six windows is directly inspired by the words of the hymn. The burning candle represents our heroine as a guiding light that is never extinguished. The ripe pomegranate and lush grapes are the bounty that she provides to her family and household. The bread and wool are made by her own hands and are distributed to those who have none. The field of wheat symbolizes the healthy state of her home.

The Hebrew words of Eshet Chayil surround the art piece, and the English words spiral in the center of this art piece leading us to the very heart of the image, a diamond with Mogen David (Star of David). This symbolizes the divine bond, and spiritual relationship between Jewish women and Hashem.

3D Framed Art ::
• 6-12 Hand-Cut Layers Create a Stunning 3D Effect
• Tastefully added Faux Gemstone Embellishments
• Shadowbox Frame
• Double Matted Interior
• UV Protective Glass
• Printed on Premium Photo Paper and Inks
• Back Label with Symbolic Meaning of Design
• Signed by the Artist
• Art is Numbered - Only 50 of this Size/Design will be Created
Stacks Image 1393
“Eshet Chayil” 3D Framed Art
• Includes Black Shadowbox Frame & UV Glass
24”x24” - 3D Framed Art
20”x20” - 3D Framed Art

16”x16” - 3D Framed Art

Matted & Signed Art Prints ::
• Printed on Premium Photo Paper and Inks
• Back Label with Symbolic Meaning of Design
• Signed by the artist
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“Eshet Chayil” Matted & Signed Art Prints
24"x24" - Extra Large
Double Matted
20"x20" - Large
Double Matted

16"x16" - Medium
Double Matted
12"x12" - Small
Single Matted

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