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"Mi Shebeyrach :: The Well Within"
The Well Within 3D Art
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The inspiration for “The Well Within” comes from the beautiful and heartfelt prayer “Mi Shebeirach”. The words of this inspiring prayer invoke a plea to G-d for the healing and health of loved ones or friends who may be suffering from physical ailments or illness.

Within a gilded frame rests an ethereal and radiating ruby background upon which the golden words of the Mi Shebeirach prayer float. The central frame of this art piece encloses lush green vegetation that symbolizes health and healing. As with the ruby background, the bright green pine needles seem to undulate and radiate toward the very heart of this art piece, seeming to act as a conduit of healing energy.

The circular image residing behind the “Mogen David” or “Star of David”, represents the skin-like texture of a vibrant and healthy leaf. The Mogen David, symbol of the spiritual aspect of direct healing from G-d, is filled with celestial blue ether and edged in gold. In the very center are verdant wild plants that seem almost to burst out of the art piece, full of life and vitality.

The Hebrew word featured prominently in the middle of the design means “healing”. It presents the primary concept for the entire image. Its lesson is this: it is the power within ourselves in partnership with G-d that heals every part of our lives, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

3D Framed Art ::
• 6-12 Hand-Cut Layers Create a Stunning 3D Effect
• Tastefully added Faux Gemstone Embellishments
• Shadowbox Frame
• Double Matted Interior
• UV Protective Glass
• Printed on Premium Photo Paper and Inks
• Back Label with Symbolic Meaning of Design
• Signed by the Artist
• Art is Numbered - Only 50 of this Size/Design will be Created
Stacks Image 2746
“The Well Within” 3D Framed Art
• Includes Black Shadowbox Frame & UV Glass
24”x24” - 3D Framed Art
20”x20” - 3D Framed Art

16”x16” - 3D Framed Art

Matted & Signed Art Prints ::
• Printed on Premium Photo Paper and Inks
• Back Label with Symbolic Meaning of Design
• Signed by the artist
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“The Well Within” Matted & Signed Art Prints
24"x24" - Extra Large
Double Matted
20"x20" - Large
Double Matted

16"x16" - Medium
Double Matted
12"x12" - Small
Single Matted

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